Serve content

Run a Myel point of presence and get paid to cache content.

To be a cache provider on the Myel network, start a node on your device and let it run in the background. Everything is automated so you shouldn't need much fine tuning. Here we explain what the node does in the background:

Choosing a region

When starting the pop, you can specify the region you wish to serve. Some basic regions are available to choose from. You can also choose to serve multiple regions. By default the Global region offers free transfer so if you join it, you will serve content for free. Each region has a fixed price that we may fine tune in the future.

Bootstrapping supply

When a pop joins the network for the first time, it will discover popular content cached by connected peers and try to retrieve this content automatically. In this situation, retrieving content may cost some FIL hence it is recommended to add a small amount (0.5FIL should be enough) as an initial investment. This will allow the pop to serve content sooner instead of waiting for clients to dispatch new content.


As the node runs for a while, clients will start dispatching new content to your pop. These transfers are free and transfered directly from the client node. By default all content is accepted as long as there is available space. If the content is not requested often enough it will be evicted to leave room for more popular content.

Node repo

When starting for the first time, the node creates a directory for storing all content situated at ~/.pop. If you delete this directory you will lose all your data including your private keys. Do not do that unless you have a good reason.