Getting Started

Install and run your own Myel Point Of Presence.

Welcome to the Myel documentation

System Requirements

  • MacOS or Linux (Windows supported only for cache providers, see pop provider)


Download and install the binaries from the Github release page.

Or build from source:

$ git clone

Install dependencies:

$ brew install go bzr jq pkg-config rustup hwloc

If you are running on arm64 architecture, you will need to build filecoin-ffi from source. Simply do that by adding the env variable: FFI_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE=1

Lastly run:

$ make all


Once installed, the pop CLI will be available in your path. You can run pop -h to print the available commands.

A Myel point of presence is a long running process that operates in the background and takes as little ressources as possible. To start the daemon run:

$ pop start

You will then be guided through the interactive setup flow.